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Hey there! I'm a bisexual closeted sissy from Montreal.I love looking a cute sissies and crossdressers, and you too probably since you are here! If any of you want to message me or ask something, don't be shy! Enjoy your stay!I guess I should say that if you are younger than 18, this is not a place for you.I also love looking at pictures of beautiful women. If you like fishnets, check out my other blog, diamondking666.tumblr.comAlso, my kik is diamondking666 and I always love chatting with a nice daddy or a fellow sissy! Don't hesitate to send me filthy questions or dirty pictures ;)love!

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Do I get both for posting it????

Yup and umm hell yes

Both it is then

Do me! Do me!

I have no words…


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my tiny butt *tears*

Don’t be in tears honey, your butt is gorgeous :)

Asker trannylvr Asks:
Are any of these pics yours
diamondsissy diamondsissy Said:

All those tagged “me” ;)

Love your blog! How can I find your original photos easier... Any #? Check out my blog... It's a mix of anal plugging, sissies (including myself), females touching themselves, hypnosis and shemales! Love your stuff!
diamondsissy diamondsissy Said:

Thank you! Your blog is wonderful too!

For my original photos, search on my blog for posts with the tag “me”