Traps, sissies and crossdressers

Hey there! I'm a bisexual closeted sissy from Montreal.

I love looking a cute sissies and crossdressers, and you too probably since you are here! If any of you want to message me or ask something, don't be shy! Enjoy your stay!

I guess I should say that if you are younger than 18, this is not a place for you.

I also love looking at pictures of beautiful women.
If you like fishnets, check out my other blog,

Also, my kik is diamondking666 and I always love chatting with a nice daddy or a fellow sissy! Don't hesitate to send me filthy questions or dirty pictures ;)

love! <3

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diamondsissy diamondsissy Said:

Of course honey! I love cute and sexy underwear!


Our girl lustfullsinner showing some ass tonight go follow her and message her 😍


Our girl lustfullsinner showing some ass tonight go follow her and message her 😍

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Asker kkjg Asks:
Have you ever sucked cock ? I have back when i was 18 & i want to fo it some more !! Im 42 white & horny !! I want to have cocks in me & come on me !!! I love shemales & frottage come shots !!!
diamondsissy diamondsissy Said:

I have never had any experiences with dicks and it is sad but hopefully I’ll get some someday ;)



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These are just some of the things that will learn. In time you will begin to love being dominated and used by superior Black Masters
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Good luck bitches!





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